Studying Sha’ar HaBitachon, Rabbeinu Bachaya’s “Gate of Trust” ~ the Timeless Torah Book that can teach US ALL to How to Live with Certainty and Discover Tranquility!

Chapter Three, Part Six: “MISSION CONTROL”

In this episode, another important and foundational axiom of our Torah Faith is highlighted to further underscore the idea of singular Trust in G-d (Bitachon). This too is conveyed in terms that address our emotional intelligence, and the message is articulated in lucid terms that are easy to personalize in resonate fashion.

Here we focus on recognizing and appreciating the truth about Hashem’s Exclusive Control over absolutely everything. Rabbeinu Bachaya maintains, with absolute certainty, that no Human Being (despite the freedom of choice we are divinely endowed) has any ability to do anything to or for anyone else unless G-d wants him to. And as such; “only in Him is it appropriate to place our unreserved and total Trust!”

This is intended quite literally: No one can do anything without His Permission, no human being can harm or help you unless Al-mighty G-d ordains it so. Logically then, one should never put their trust in anyone else except Hashem – and that’s exactly what we refer to when we speak of Bitachon!

Chapter Three, Part Six comprises the 51st episode of this ongoing series.

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