Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Series ~ Redemption Songs on the Shir HaMa’alot:
Studying Tehillim. Psalm 121 – Part Two: “NEVER SLEEPS”

Shielded by G-d: Our Feet cannot Falter because Our Guardian is Always Alert. The Torah Truth about Israel’s Proverbial Protector; Forever Awake and On Constantly on Duty!

OnGuardForThee Protected Guardian Tehillim Psalms Songofascents

This class is sponsored by Felix & Rita Zilnik to commemorate the Yahrtzeit of Rita’s late Father, Iona Kaplevatsky


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  • I would have answered politely as possible: G-d keeps His word, He was hiding His face during the holocaust as told to Moshe Rabbeinu and written in Torah. We were at a low spiritual level, assimilation was rampant. To deny this is to deny the truth. I learned there were zero 'orthodox' shuls in germany despite all the jews. to Heaven Forbid blame G-d for the fruits of our actions is to deny the goodness of HaShem and heresy. Kavod HaRav if i may elaborate my understanding, it seems Dovid HaMelech realized, he will be in G-d's good grace, for he is upright. G-d won't forget or delay to keep His word, it's always in the proper way and time from the side of HaShem. So one can look to shomayim in the time of need and also in times of anguish.

  • 56:39 ahhh that is the secret of the name of Moshe Rabbeinu. It is written one of his names is Yered. within the reasons given- he descended from Har sinai with the torah. Surely he descended at HaShems direction, and broke the first set of Luchos.
    Hashem said to Go down during the sin of the golden calf. And Moshe descended but one day returned with perhaps more kedushah and more kavanah and formalized the eternal bridge between us and the Torah, and HaShem in perhaps the most important event of all time.
    Surely all that has befallen us is for the Aliyah that is to come& tikkun.
    I had a dream one night of us making aliyah. Such a vivid dream. I saw a mountain off to the left, i asked whats that, i was told that belongs to the greeks. For us the path was straight and a table was prepared for us along the path filled with delicacies.
    HaShem is truly everywhere. Bracha V hatzlachah