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Chapter Three, Part Twenty-Three: “PAYBACK”

Have already addressed the Tests of Faith provoked by the suffering sometimes experienced by truly righteous individuals . And in kindred vein the extraordinary difficulties truly pious people, might on occasion, encounter in the pursuit of their Parnassa (livelihood).

In the next two Episodes we will focus on the somewhat lesser vexing – yet nonetheless equally theologically challenging – success often enjoyed by the wicked!

Rabbainu Bachaya provides a measure of intellectual satisfaction to this frustrating Faith Conundrum, by providing alternate possible rational for unearned prosperity. The most important takeaway isn’t knowing why G-d does anything specific, but rather to prevent us from drawing myopic, wrongheaded conclusions like “choices of (good or) bad behaviour are inconsequential.”

Stitching a quilt work of Scriptural syntax enhanced by the embroidery of our Oral Tradition – the author will present multiple possibilities as to why that this might be the case. For example, G-d mighty purposefully give temporal material prosperity as a reward for righteousness once preformed, rather than granting lasting bliss in eternity.

These explanations effectively provide a foundational faith-based context, while also serving to stimulate deeper discovery of Judaism’s spiritual perspective on life.

Part Twenty-Three of the chapter comprises the 68th episode of this ongoing series. This class has generously sponsored for the merit of a Refuah Sheleima for Elisha Chaim Ben Berta by his friends and family.

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