Redemption Song Series — Ruth: a Remarkable Story of Loyalty and Love. Megillat Ruth. Chapter IV, Verses 6 – 8 “PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES”

The verbal recusal of the Phantom First-in-Line is insufficient for Boaz. Before moving into the Batters Box, he wants the agreement formalized. Only then will he be ready to Make His Move. Traditionally, transactions were ratified by virtue of a Ceremonial Shoe Exchange. This methodology will now be employed to Seal the Deal as a Legal Act of Acquisition, handing Boaz Rights to Purchase Perpetuity. Yet notwithstanding the legal technicalities, a Title Search leads us to Dig Deeper and Discover a surprise Treasure of untapped potential!

Boaz Ruth KingDavid ShoeRemoval HarvestFestival Shavuot

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