REDEMPTION SONGS ~ SCROLL OF ESTHER is an in-depth study series of the actual biblical verses comprising Megillat Esther which contains the canonical story of Purim.

Megillat Esther, Chapter Nine; verses 4-5 “REMARKABLE POWER”

This opening of the ninth chapter of the Megillah continues with the details of the primary technical cause of the stunning Turnabout, the Rising Star Mordechai, as well as the actual empire-wide campaign that was carried out.

Here, we’ll learn more about the remarkable power of Persia’s brand-new Pious Prime Minister. The Megillah chooses to highlight Mordechai’s influence and reputation, placing emphasis of the idea that it comprised key ingredients in the Jewish people’s total pivot. Yet, the big question may be asked was it really all about him?

In shining a bright new light on the mechanics of the remarkable transformation, the Jewish People experienced, a whole new picture begins to emerge.

It will clarify how and why we were able to transcend endemic weakness, instead moving far beyond being on the defensive. Mordechai’s remarkable power empowered us to remarkably rise to a position of profound power. Now we assumed the offense and forcefully destroyed hateful enemies — in full reciprocity!

Decoding these verses reveals the extent of the Divine Deliverance we experienced. Our careful and insightful analysis of the biblical text will yield many fascinating details that will demonstrate how just how remarkable this turnabout really was.

This Episode comprises the 45th class in a continuing study-series of this unique biblical book. It is the second class on the Ninth Chapter.

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