Studying Sha’ar HaTekiyot from Siddur im Dach – Ma’amer L’hovin Inyan T’kiyat Shofar.
A discovery of the Foundational Chasidic Teachings on the Shofar, revealing the Secret Shofar Meditations of the Baal Shem Tov.

Crowning Climax, C: “KINDNESS MATTERS” As elucidated in the previous episode, only when the unique spirit of Divine Gevurah — might, prowess and sheer force — is channeled are good things brought to life with greatest of potency. Yet those very forces of tremendous intensity can also easily go awry; evaporating or self-imploding in misdirected, disengaged energy.

The key to successful actualization lies in the harness and positively directing this extremely potent energy in a focused way by striking the proper balance. Tempering the extremities with kindness and benevolence allows for the creating of meaningful synergy and engenders and a harmonious fusion of energy field that can enable our world to be filled with overt Divine blessings and goodness.

Here we will illustrate how the powerful contribution made by intense and highly tepid force of fervour and passion, can be best only by incorporating generosity, benevolence, and compassion. Ultimately, this becomes embodied in our own personal lives through the efforts of Shofar inspired Teshuvah!

This all further reveals profound mystical messages encoded into the Shofar Synergy of Breaking Sounds and the unique Baal Shemtovonian insight on the Shofar Secrets.

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