Studying Sha’ar HaTekiyot from Siddur im Dach – Ma’amer L’hovin Inyan T’kiyat Shofar.
A discovery of the Foundational Chasidic Teachings on the Shofar, revealing the Secret Shofar Meditations of the Baal Shem Tov.

Episode Number Eight: “CODES OF CONSCIOUSNESS” features a continued discovery and the whispered language spoken within our deepest consciousness.

Here the revolutionary concept of the Unlettered Alphabet encrypted into our Raw Intelligence is profoundly highlighted and clarified!

To be sure, this is a significant development in the elucidation in the previously elaborated on the nuanced Kabbalistic principal of “Memutza.”

In this Episode we will trace the transition from codes of raw intelligence into the language of thought to illustrate an ethereal order of reality.

As we quantify the logical progression from intellectual consciousness to emotional awareness, an incredible new level of understanding can be attained!

These mind-bending mystical equations opens the door to a comprehension the subtlest paradigms of spiritual evolution providing the necessary framework required to grasp the Besht’s deep insight into the spiritual Secrets of the Shofar!

This Eight Episode has been generously sponsored by Ian and Sara Maged

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