EXTREME MAKEOVER: Temple Edition ~ The Laws on G-d’s Residence of Choice Rambam: Hilchot Beit HaBechira. Chapter 8; 3

Episode #76 – “STOP WATCH”

We’ve already established that the Beit HaMikdash Watch is biblically ordained, which means that “Standing on Guard for Thee” is a Positive Mitzvah of the Torah applying to the pedigree of Cohanim and Levi’im.

In this episode we’ll learn that Stopping the Watch comprises a Moving Violation too!

That means failure to preform the sacred Sanctuary Guard Duty not merely Sin of Omission; nullifying a Positive Mitzvah but is also a violation of a Negative Mitzvah.

In the Rambam’s view, the Torah places so much value on the Temple Honour Guard that is adjures us with both Positive and Negative Commands to ensure it gets done!

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