This in-depth Gemara study of Masechet Sukkah focuses on the biblical festival of Sukkot, and specifically on its defining Mitzvah, Dwelling in Sukkah — residing in the iconic Holiday Hut during this seasonal Chag.

The Torah command to dwell or reside in a Sukkah raises an obvious and fundamental question: What precisely is a Sukkah? Here, we delve into the nuanced discussions of our Sages that develop, define, and elucidate detailed, highly technical, and sometimes theoretical Halachik (Jewish Ritual Law) parameters that govern the term Sukkah.
Tractate Sukkah, Chapter One, Page 7a “SUKKAH DOOR WAYS”

In the previous Episode we address the placements of conceptual third – albeit mostly non-literal – barrier that can be employed to complete a legally valid Sukkah enclosure.

Pushing the envelope on the creation of this third theoretical partition to effectuate Halachik Sukkah status we were introduced to an “Alley Sukkah” primarily comprised of only two parallel walls.

Now, in addition to the placements of an incomplete minimal barrier, our Sages moved the binding completion of this theoretical enclosure by virtue of a Doorway Formation!

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