Are we supposed to see G-d as “Righteous”
Dealing with Faith Conundrums; like why do Good People Suffer?


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  • So many layers and different, completing viewpoints, thank you! To accept that everything does not only befall us justly from God, but that He, The Just, is in all that's given in the Torah to follow as well as in life – whether we see or understand the full picture or not – is a huge spiritual quantum leap if not a great challenge. Yet it is also a promise. As your aunt said ' God does not ask of man anything which he has not already established in him innately, as potential and possibility. In a way, to say ' You are Just' is also to acknowledge that God knows the destiny of things and arranges everything in the best way accordingly. But also that if there is any expression of being just, or compassionate in us , it is the expression of God's Justice because we are not other. Easy said than done, yet your expositions affect accumulatively.