The Force of Faith in Our Lives!

A Torah class by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan on Tanya perek 33

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  • When you "believe" in something, even though you believe it just as strong as actual knowledge, you don't actually "know" it. So perhaps it's a feeling, since just like a feeling, you can't exactly control it. But my problem with that is, do you actually "feel" anything? Of course not, it's not a "feeling" type of thing.
    So then what? It's certainly not in the knowledge area, even though it may be treated as such in your brain. Right, I can be fully aware that "I don't know" this thing that I "fully believe", and this makes complete sense. For if I did in fact "know" it, there is then no "belief" to have. You simply cannot "believe" and "know" the same thing. I don't "believe" that I am typing this right now, because I "know" this. So, okay, it's not "knowledge", but it's not a "feeling" either, as there is nothing to feel. So what exactly is it? I know I have it, but I just don't know what to classify it as, as I've clearly explained.