Studying Sha’ar HaBitachon, Rabbeinu Bachaya’s “Gate of Trust” ~ the Timeless Torah Tome that can teach US ALL How to Conquer Anxiety and Live with Tranquility!

Chapter Four, Part Forty-five: “THE SOUL OF SUCCESS” completes the thesis of applying Trust in situations of Mitzvah activities and spiritual matters (especially when there are others involved and anonymity isn’t an option) with a final important note on how we should view success at their fulfilment.

Following clear guidance in effectively balancing Bitachon and Bechira – especially when you aren’t the only active participant, and after having been instructed on the virtues of shunning publicity if that doesn’t impede the required investments of effort.

In this new Episode, we take that a lot further: beyond not telling others Rabbainu Bachaya will insist that you shouldn’t be taking credit for “your” [hard earned?] success at all – even in your own mind!

Thus, fully developed Bitachon in the arena of spiritual endeavor necessitates three critical components:
1) Reliance on Hashem for successful fulfilment of your spiritual activities
2) Seeking to do so anonymously if it doesn’t encroach on the required efforts.
3) Ultimately giving all the credit to whom it is truly due: Hashem!

Rabbainu Bachaya further emphasizes that thinking or believing that we are responsible for our achievements can be a very costly mistake for us to make!

Yet shouldn’t insufficient intentions and attitudes be superseded by positive actions, and why does this have to get in the way of achieving Trust-based inner tranquility?

To be sure, such a high level of humility it sounds a bit over the top. But Torah is never beyond the reach of every one of us… how are we to make sense of this all?

Our marvelous journey of discovery will enable us to to appreciate the sweeping (and seemingly inordinate) demands the Sha’ar HaBitachon makes of us, and why its cuts to the very essence of the power and potency unleashed by Bitachon!

This is the forty-fifth study segment of the Fourth Chapter of “Shaar HaBitachon.” It comprises the 118th consecutive video about learning how to Build Trust in G-d to Conquer Anxiety. Forever!

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