Rite of Refusal: making sense of the Tribe of Reuben & Gad’s 🐑 sheepish refusal to enter the Land of Israel.


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  • I’m one of the 12 tribe of Reuben tribe. Abraham is my dads oldest brother. He’s a Buddha . Judah is only sister out of 3 girls to have kids. And her eldest firstborn is mother to Levi. This have already came to past. Also the twins were born in December . My family name is in chronicles. I just found out this yesterday. I’m the anointed one . God appoint me the crown once Jesus returns . When I spoke to Jesus . He word everything with I . I don’t have any kids . So the crown will go to Levi. Bc God Judah first born slept with her husband. The pedophiles and drug addicts and they make music and we are very rich. I chose team Jesus. Judah will betrayed me. Police broke into my car yesterday to plant evidence in my car.
    Bc God told me to spread the word. Nobody believe him them and nobody believe me now. I will be the sacrifice . And Judah bllodline will take the reptilian dna. It’s already happening . They took me to see them giving north. It’s was disgusting and crazy . It looks like something from a movie.
    We are Asian decent. Those names were changed when came to states .

  • Those not slave's will be slaves. Laws of Moses banned since ancient times when God came against Islam Egypt Babylon Africa. Ishmael is not worthy of Gods laws. Do not mix with them. You take it up with God . The Lost Tribes forgave Ishmael and fought and died for African American freedom. While you was the slave owners of both Isaac's and Ishmael people ?

  • Gad had son called aleri. Here in Balkan (Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria,Croatian, Bosnia) People called themselvs Illyrians (Greeks called us like that) or Allyrians. It’s intresting how 60% of Serbs and 90% of Albanians have similar DNA like Jews. Please read bible “As for Gad, (r)raiders shall raid him,But he will raid at their (s)heels.” Then read Serbian history (above mentioned Nations are one people, Serbs, it’s hard to understand, but just read) so turks tried to enslaved us, then Hitler tried to “burned us” like Jews. After that a lot of nations came against us, and they bombed us 1999. Maybe this is nothing, but defenetly something wrong with “us”. They still Hate us and call us terrorists, but we Are little country with Poor people. Rabi what’s happening here?

  • Black America Ishmael captain and Colonel of roots trans Atlantic slave trade. Roots happen in England. Its coming live from God. Bastards pilgrims Zionists that followed Ephraim to the promise land

  • Luvha/ Luba not Reuben.
    Gadi not Gad.

    We have Kings of Ethopia west that were Jews in ancient times up to this day.

    Gatsheni ,the greatest Elephant.
    Lamula ( the son of Gatsheni)
    Ngema ,he is the one who is directly called by the house of Gadi.
    We are also the Jews from the house of King David known as N'DAVE'ZITHA (Ndaba).
    The descendants of Ndaba lived in Bayelsa region of Nigeria and practiced their culture until slave trade.

    In Nigeria South,the Bayelsa region we were Jews but in Ethopia west,we were the Tribe of Gad and in Kongo we were the tribe of Judah , Reuben and N'guni.