When Dinner Interrupts… What’s Up with the Last Supper before the Fast of Tisha B’Av?!

Customs and Conventions ~ The Nine Days!

A Torah class by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan on tishaBeav Eicha


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  • If this shivah like meal cant punch people between the eyes and make them strum up a great sense emotionally of loss, it can only be that non observance during the death of love ones did not take place for so many as they grew up secular in modern times. Sometimes I wonder how a sinner schmuck like me can feel it? It seems misplaced. If the people cant convince themselves they should be mourning with all of the fake tears and theatrics of some of the so called most pious , I wonder if they might pause, quit the wind- up act and consider the holy captives penned up within the temple by the wicked rebels ,prompting the Romans to lay waste to all. Think of those pining to death resorting to despicable acts of desperation in the insanity driven starvation. If they cant give way to a hollow groan of true loss for the actual Thrown of the actual H— S—– , then the least they could do is consider the terrible wrenching agony and horror those trapped within experienced before they were turned into gore up to the knees of the Roman soldiers.