Ma’amer V’Ata Teztave, is a Chassidic Discourse which many regard as the Rebbe’s Last Will and Testament.

It provides extraordinary clarity of the mystical meanings of Mitzvot, the truest essence of Torah Leadership, defining dimensions of a Soul and the profoundest expressions of its emergence. It outlines the real challenges of our modern era as it poignantly presents us with Marching Orders and boldly lays out the roadmap to Redemption!

Part Three of “WHO WILL NURTURE MY FAITH?” underscores the profundity of Faith under Fire, as the spiritual mettle exhibited during these trying and potentially demoralizing periods can be most intense. This Torah truism is richly illustrated by contrasting the loyalty and devotion to Hashem expressed by our Nation in the most difficult of Exilic times, with Am Yisrael’s greatest moments of spiritual revelation and historic holy highs!

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