Why Hate not overt equals Anti-Semitism at its worst!

A Torah class by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan on Parshat Toldot – 5th reading

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  • B''H

    when seen from the lofty enjoyable position of "mein Goyishkeit" (a term similar to "Yiddishkeit", but applied instead to Gerim who seek to learn Torah wisdom and sincerely enjoy following the Seven Universal Principles), one must acknowledge that Anti Semitism is a most hideous, absurd, stupid and counterproductive crime… when one understands and profits from the concept of "Am Yisrael Or laGoyim", the notion of humans acting as Anti Semites is so profoundly obtuse, mindless and foolish, that it truly becomes puzzling and practically impossible to understand…

    nevertheless, the brainless act of Anti Semitism seems to hurt me even more, when the Anti Semite actually is, astoundingly, a self-loathing Jew… which firstly one would believe this can't happen, but then one encounters the most tragic, incomprehensible and indecipherable case posed by one of the grandsons of the great most respected אברהם קצנלסון (Dr Avraham Katznelson)…

    the name of this self-loathing Anti Semite Jew is מיקו פלד
    (Miko Peled), and his story appears to be most puzzling, perplexing and confusing: after his own niece was murdered by a suicidal arab, instead of seeking an activism that would help protect his family, his friends and his (former) nation, he instead turned against his own people actively seeking to destroy the State of Israel…

    I beg you herein, most respected and admired Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, to please help me verify and interpret some curious and quite interesting findings, as a result of a simple study of the GEMATRIA of the name of this בוגד:

    the name Miko Peled in Hebrew is: מיקו פלד

    in Gematria, מיקו equals 156 and פלד equals 114

    thus, his complete name מיקו פלד equals 156 + 114 = 270

    the gematria 270 also corresponds to the word: נכר

    נכר means foreign land, like Miko Peled actually belongs, not to his own, but to a foreign land

    נכר also means to be recognized, to be known ; to be viewed, to be seen, which Miko Peled has indeed accomplished

    נכר may also convey meanings including: to sell or deliver up, strangeness, foreignness, calamity…

    so, is it in his nature of his soul, or at least in the nature of his name, that this בוגד grandson of Dr Avraham Katznelson who is named מיקו פלד was to become a נכר ???

    270 = 270