These Gemara teachings focus on the Passover Seder. They feature an in-depth study of the Talmudic analysis of our Sages on key components of the Pesach Night rituals.

Tractate Pesachim, Page 119b – 120a “AFTERTASTE”

A pithy Mishna cryptically speaks of the Passover Seder Dinner’s conclusion, the Sages carefully analyze and elucidate.

The result is a profound understanding of how (and why) the taste of the Korban Pesach Meat or (in our exilic times) Matzah must linger on as the night moves into its songful climax. Studying the words of our Sages emphasizes just how important the Seder Dinner on Passover Night really is.

Far more than an elaborate tradition of luxurious Family Affair. It’s a Sacred Event where everything eaten has great meaning. In fact, even the aftertaste that lingers on in your mouth is prescribed in a particular manner to enrich your life with Pesach inspiration!

This Episode joins a growing collection of classes on Perek Arvia Pesachim, the 10th chapter of this Holiday Tractate. This chapter’s primary focus is The Passover Seder and its unique ritual observances.

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