These Gemara teachings focus on the Passover Seder. They feature an in-depth study of the Talmudic analysis of our Sages on key components of the Pesach Night rituals.

Tractate Pesachim, Page 120a “HOLY HERBS”

The modern Seder mandates of Matzah and Marror are the primary focus of this illuminating presentation about the edible component of the Passover Seder. Dinner notwithstanding, here our Sages analyze and elucidate the ritual consumption.

Here’s some context: Without any doubt Passover Night is vastly different than any other religious Festival on the Jewish calendar. Most will feature formal Holiday Meals that will include traditional dishes or customary delicacies. Yet, none amongst them carry the weight and significance of a religious duty. And never else is there a requirement that everyone eat a certain amount of a particular food.

It’s only at the Pesach Seder that we are all religiously obligated to eat certain sacred foods. This discussion about the Edible Mitzvah Menu of our Modern Day Seder will serve you fascinating food for though, profound insight and lots of information!

This Episode joins a growing collection of classes on Perek Arvia Pesachim, the 10th chapter of this Holiday Tractate. This chapter’s primary focus is The Passover Seder and its unique ritual observances.

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