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Chapter Four, Part Nineteen: “BONANZA/BITTER WATER”

We have learnt that a person should engage in work to meet his basic needs. If Hashem ordains wealth, one will achieve it without inordinate efforts or unethical conduct. Simply stated: Prosperity comes from G-d, not from our efforts.

The previous episode concluded with the mistaken notion that the medium is the cause of success. The folly to think prosperity comes from means, rather than the cause, leads people to ignore the true source, our Creator, Hashem!

The said confusion about the true cause, allows for an illusionary distortion of reality that leads people to praise the Means instead of the Cause.

To effectively illustrate the nature of this folly, Rabbeinu Bachaya metaphorizes with a thirsty desert traveler drinks his fill of unsavory Bitter Water, without realizing that life’s gifts are often experienced as a Bonanza.

Having Trust in Hashem can help you realize that Profit doesn’t need to come from Pain. Recognizing that the True and Singular Source of Success is Hashem allows you to experience His blessings and beneficence in a direct and straightforward manner.

To be sure, the parable seems superfluous and even problematic. We delve deeply into the details to reveal some amazing insight that seems woven into the narrative!

Ultimately, absorbing these lessons can enable you to free yourself of financial worries can position you to best balance Life’s Successes and Struggles.

This Episode comprises the nineteenth segment of the Fourth Chapter of “The Gate of Trust,” and is the 93rd consecutive video of the series.

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