This Gemara mini-series focuses on the Scriptural Story of the Sin of the Spies. The baffling biblical narrative of the Scouts appointed by Moses to reconnoiter Canaan is a shameful yet important part of our national saga.

In-depth study of the verses reveals the true backstory, enabling us to learn the lessons of history and avoid repeating their mistakes today!

Tractate Sotah, Page 34 b “BRIDGE OF SPIES”

Part One, opens as we seek an understanding of the origins of this most unusual Divine commandment, logically proving it couldn’t have been initiated by G-d, but rather a big decision Moses would have to make on his own.

Was the mission doomed to fail from the get-go, or did the system malfunction? Our Sages then dig into the language used to uncover unsavory motives. By employing a fascinating biblical cross reference, the truth is embarrassingly laid bare.

Finally, we are introduced to historic decoding of the secret messages encrypted into the IDs of the selected scouts — revealing some shocking information!

This is the first Episode of a two-part mini study-series entitled SPIES IN DISGUISE.

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