This Gemara mini-series focuses on the Scriptural Story of the Sin of the Spies. The baffling biblical narrative of the Scouts appointed by Moses to reconnoiter Canaan is a shameful yet important part of our national saga.

In-depth study of the verses reveals the true backstory, enabling us to learn the lessons of history and avoid repeating their mistakes today!

Tractate Sotah, Page 34 b “THE SPY GONE NORTH”

Part Two, continues with a fascinating biblical cross reference embarrassingly uncover the naked truth. Then we hear of an heirloom legacy decoding of secret messages encrypted into the IDs of the selected scouts.

This all reveals some shocking information as well as a deeper understanding of the whether this spy-mission ill-fated from the get-go.

Finally, as we re-trace the steps of the Spies who went South, we get the Minority Man Report — hearing about the one who dared buck the trend and go off on his own!

This little known, yet incredible story of the one Spy who decided to go it alone, slip into a graveyard cave provides the keys to achieving moral clarity. The seeming detour of dependency ends provides him a view of the mission the others missed. It

It’s a thrilling narrative that remains an ongoing source of practical guidance and uplifting inspiration. Here you will find real-time instructions for success even when you aren’t given unique Privileges or special Blessings!

This concluding Episode of the two-part mini study-series entitled SPIES IN DISGUISE has been lovingly dedicated by Yuval and Carol Popper to elevate the memory of Yuval’s father Reuven ben Ze’ev OBM.

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