WHO WILL NURTURE MY FAITH? is a text-based study series of the Ma’amer V’atah Tetzaveh; the foundational Chassidic Discourse regarded by many as The Rebbe’s Spiritual Last Will and Testament.

This rumination gifts us extraordinary clarity of the mystical meaning of Mitzvot, and the truest essence of Torah Leadership. The Ma’amer also highlights defining dimensions of our Soul and the profoundest expressions of its emergence, uniquely reframing the true tests of faith and the challenges of our modern era, as it poignantly presents us with Marching Orders — boldly outlining the roadmap to Redemption!


Part Eleven “CONNECTIONS” features an in-depth textual-based study of the Ma’amer’s Eleventh Chapter. Now, we return to connect the previously developed innovative highlights to complete the circle by linking together the lessons already learnt!

in the immediate past Episode; the concept of “Katit” (Crushed, e.g. Spirits stirred and shaken) not in response to pressures brought bear by circumstances, but despite them.

This, the Ma’amer innovated, can be achieved by unmasking and reveals the soul’s very core essence. This led to a mind-blowing idea about discarding Style to discover Soul to, in effect, release the Neshama’s intrinsic radiance Inside Out!

In this Episode we will further the reach of this Ma’amer’s greatest novelty by returning to connect this idea to the opening lessons about the symbiotic connective symbolism of Moshe and Am Yisrael.

This will illuminate the already expressed idea of the mutually beneficial relationship Tzadikim and common-folk share in enhancing each other’s connection to Hashem — as well as strengthening the spiritual connections they enjoy with each other!

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