FAR FROM HEAVEN II continues Bitachon Preamble VII that presents The Fourth Dimension on understanding why the “Written Torah” (e. g. The Bible) doesn’t even contain as much a hint about the concept of Paradise and the Afterlife!

Segment 53 of Chapter Four further articulates the fourth approach to understanding the reason for the Gag-order on Gan Eden; rationalizing the Biblical Blackout on Heavenly Reward and Punishment.

Discover the fascinating, yet little known Torah Truism on G-d’s Generosity and Goodness. Develop a new appreciation for the Creator’s consideration toward us and why Divine Remuneration for our righteousness is a byproduct of Hashem’s largess.

Once again, although we won’t be directly addressing the subject of Bitachon, yet the content and concepts touched upon are fascinating, enlightening and even uplifting!

Upon full clarification of this important issue, we will eventually return the original subject: applying Trust to this specific dimension of Yiddishkeits life and values.

This 53rd study segment of the Fourth Chapter of “Shaar HaBitachon” comprises the 126th consecutive video about Building Trust in G-d and Conquer Anxiety. Forever!

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