This Episode, aptly entitled TRUTH and JUSTICE, concludes the Fourth approach to understanding why our “Written Word” [of G-d, e. g. The Bible] pointedly doesn’t explicitly mention neither Heaven nor Hell!

The final offering of the Fourth Dimension, comprising ‘Bitachon Preamble IX’ of our series, zeroes in on explaining Punishment in the Afterlife to complete this unique line of reasoning for the biblical Gag-order on Gan Eden and Gehinnom.

From the previous two Episodes that discussed the concept of Divine Remuneration, we now move onto to Divine Retribution. This will complete the explanation for the glaring biblical omission of what awaits us in the World to Come!

While in this set of classes we aren’t directly addressing the subject of Bitachon, the ideas articulated are an important part of laying the foundation that’ll allow us to continue to develop Trust in a specific dimension of our lives.

This 54th study segment of the Fourth Chapter of “Sha’ar HaBitachon” comprises the 127th consecutive video about Building Trust in G-d and Conquer Anxiety. Forever!

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