Our Redemption Songs Study Series on the Book of Psalms — Sefer Tehillim, features an in-depth analysis of the prophetic songful verses redacted and composed by the legendary Sweet Singer of Israel, King David.

The Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Segment of this larger Series focuses specifically on the Fifteen Psalms know as The Shir HaMa’alot (Songs of Ascent).

Psalm 130 – Episode Three: “FORGIVENESS I”

On the heels of our multi-dimensional elucidation on the Psalmist “Calling from the Depths” that highlighted the connection of the Soul’s Essence to Depth of Divinity, we now move on to nurturing the relationship.

If rebelliousness ruins the relationship, then it is only Divine Grace and Pardon that can saves it.

Sin soils and spoils our Soul bond with G-d. Teshuva, spiritual return and renewal cleanses and restores. Yet, it is the infinite capacity of our loving Creator’s forgiveness that ultimately makes all the difference!

Discover the fascinating details of this Torah truism that at once preserves the relationship and paves the way towards a better future.

This third Episode on Psalm 130 of Sefer Tehillim comprises yet another segment of the Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Series on the Shir HaMa’alot, the stirring songful Psalms that punctuate a wide gamut of Jewish life unlike any other collection of prayers.

From moments of great Joy to profound Awe, Drama and Devotion, King David’s Songs of Ascent are uniquely poised to inspire, uplift, and comfort.

This Episode has been generously sponsored by Brenda Wise and Mark, and Joyce Usher in loving memory of Reuven Chaim ben Yehuda.

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