Our Redemption Songs Study Series on the Book of Psalms — Sefer Tehillim, features an in-depth analysis of the prophetic songful verses redacted and composed by the legendary Sweet Singer of Israel, King David.

The Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Segment of this larger Series focuses specifically on the Fifteen Psalms know as The Shir HaMa’alot (Songs of Ascent).

Psalm 130 – Episode One: “OUT OF THE DEPTHS I”

In this first episode we begin our discovery of How Calling from below leads to connecting on High, revealing the first layer of meaning and inspiration that’s alluded to in each of King David’s precise prayerful words.

See how on the wings of Prayer and Song, we rise out of our national sorrows, or the pit of our private pain. Finding our inner voice, we plead for Hashem’s attentiveness and are ever certain of His infinite compassion.

We will learn why cries that effectively embody and articulate our spiritual longing and yearning defines the essence of every Jewish Heart and Soul!

This is the first Episode on Psalm 130 of Sefer Tehillim comprising yet another segment of the Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Series on the Shir HaMa’alot, the stirring songful Psalms that punctuate a wide gamut of Jewish life unlike any other collection of prayers.

From moments of great Joy to profound Awe, Drama and Devotion, King David’s Songs of Ascent are uniquely poised to inspire, uplift, and comfort.

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