Our Redemption Songs Study Series on the Book of Psalms — Sefer Tehillim, features an in-depth analysis of the prophetic songful verses redacted and composed by the legendary King David.

The Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Segment of this larger Series focuses specifically on the Fifteen Psalms know as The Shir HaMa’alot (Songs of Ascent).

Psalm 122 – Episode 2 “JERUSALEM: Part Two ~ Our City of Symmetry!”

We continue to reveal layers of meaning and inspiration encoded into the poetic, prophetic prose of Dovid HaMelech, who poured his soul forth in prayer.

By better understanding the inner rhythm of his holy heartfelt expression, we are enabled to discover the heart of the Jewish World!

In this second episode we will continue to appreciate the uniqueness of our beloved Yerushalayim, viewed as the geographic and spiritual center our universe.

Notwithstanding the many individual parts of her unique Material Metropolis, she radiated oneness; exuding a unifying energy that was evident in the most literal sense.

Incredibly enough, Unity can be found in Her Name, Urban Design, and the Teeming Humanity who would visit. Learn how everything in this enchanting city embodied the very ideas and ideals of Oneness and Unity!

This second Episode of Psalm 122 of Sefer Tehillim comprises the tenth segment of the Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Series on the Shir HaMa’alot.

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