This in-depth Gemara study is on the fascinating teachings of Perek Chelek, which uniquely focuses on Faith Matters and Torah Theology. From Credo to Conduct, we explore the Soul’s Nature, Eternity, the Afterlife, and the future Messianic Redemption.

To clarify these aspects, archetypal personalities and eras are often analyzed and assessed to shed light on these matters. Occasionally, our Sages will probe beneath the surface to reveal deeper dimensions and enabling us to learn the lessons of history and avoid repeating their mistakes today!
Tractate Sanhedrin, Page 94 a-b “RAGING WATERS”

This Episode opens with a focus on the Fiery Destruction of Israel’s enemies that came in a Blaze of G-d’s Glory.

Then we’ll move on to analyze Differing Dimensions of Divine Retribution for Royal Blasphemy, as we learn of the different methods and messengers G-d might choose to punish the irreverent and arrogant offenders.

Back the People of Israel — we learn of Softly Flowing Springs Flooded by Strong Rivers, as the national rejection of Shiloach-like Sovereignty leads to the punishing Rapids of Assyrian Affliction.

Finally, we’ll discover how Israel’s Weariness for Torah Study led to Enemy Domination and even Oppression!


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