This in-depth Gemara study is on the fascinating teachings of Perek Chelek, which uniquely focuses on Faith Matters and Torah Theology. From Credo to Conduct, we explore the Soul’s Nature, Eternity, the Afterlife, and the future Messianic Redemption.

To clarify these aspects, archetypal personalities and eras are often analyzed and assessed to shed light on these matters. Occasionally, our Sages will probe beneath the surface to reveal deeper dimensions and enabling us to learn the lessons of history and avoid repeating their mistakes today!
Tractate Sanhedrin, Page 94 b ” AFTER THE TRUTH”

This Episode opens with a focus on the bodily weakness that brought strength of the spirit, and G-d’s protection upon the nation. For when Am Yisrael is weary from intense devotion to Torah Study it is enabled to resist Enemy Oppression!

We then move on to Deciphering of the Prophecies that Followed the Facts of Faith.

Discovering the meaning of Post-mortem Prophecies that tell of a Divine Oath Bringing Great Challenges that ultimately Channeled even Greater Sustenance. Plus we’ll learn about the Energy and the Burning Power of Synagogue Oil Lamps!

This Episode of Masechet Sanhedrin study is sponsored Marla Krybus in honour of the upcoming Yahrtziet of her father, Leib Rachmeil ben Avrom Yitzhak, who was kind and generous in his deeds!

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