Part Two of this special series on Ma’amer Basi L’Gani 5743 (1983), entitled “BENEATH THE DARKNESS” is called “SANCTIONING EVIL.” We now move into this year’s theme: the Forces of Evil created by G-d, ultimately for a Holy Purpose.

Part two (covering chapters three and four) of the Ma’amer begin the focus on chapter 13 of the original Ma’amer Basi L’Gani (5710). For more details on this, see below.*

In this Episode we will delve into the idea that darkness in our our world is by design, and can be viewed as a reflection of our own inner doubts and individual challenges.

Yet, while the theological argument must perhaps be made, the copious documentation of the details of the divinely engineered concealment seem excessive and overwhelming. Moreover, could they not lead to a twisted sanctioning of evil?

This second Episode of the four-part series has been lovingly dedicated to elevating the Neshama of Tom Adler, Yaakov ben Avraham HaLevi O.B.M.


* The Ma’amarim of Basi L’Gani, are a collection of more than 40 uniquely themed Chassidic Discourses that were delivered by The Rebbe on, or in proximity to Yud Shvat, the Yartzeit-Hilulah of his predecessor Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneerson, between the years of 5711 and 5748 (1951 – 1988).

All these ruminations were directly based on Ma’amer Basi L’Gani, 5710, which was released by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok on the eve of his terrestrial passing. This [original] Ma’amer is widely regarded as the Previous Rebbe’s Last Will and Testament, and our Rebbe used its themes as guiding lights for the unique mission of our Seventh Generation [of Chabad-Lubavitch] Chassidim.

Kindred in containing many common concepts or ideas, each discourse incorporates a remarkably wide range of mystical Torah teachings and always radiates with multiple novel, fresh creative insights.

The original rumination contains Twenty Chapters, and for nearly four decades, annually (in orderly successive fashion) the Rebbe would elaborate on themes found in a specific chapter, by delivering one or more Ma’amarim (formal dissertations of original Chassidic Teachings) almost always opening with the Midrashic words “Basi L’Gani.”

This year, 5783, we are – once again – focused on chapter thirteen. As such, the discourses of 5723 (1963) and 5743 (1983) are studied by the global Chasidic community during the Yud Shvat season.

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