ANTICIPATION is a series featuring 120 segments – on the Twelfth Principle of our Jewish Faith: Belief in and Awaiting the Coming of The Messiah (Moshiach). We draw on a wide range of classic and contemporary commentaries to clearly address the burning issue of passive Waiting vs active Anticipation!


Episode Forty, entitled SAY IT ONCE features a re-examination of our previous Episode conclusion: the yearning and anticipation we might think or feel for Moshiach must be prayerfully verbalized!

Maimonides choice to insert precisely such prose into the text of a strictly Halachic syntax seems to create a legal precedent. And as such, ultimately a binding ruling.

In this Episode we will return to question the veracity of that logic. After all, if this comprises a Halachik responsibility, shouldn’t it be seen more than once?!

In defending and further explaining the previous conclusion, our emphasis on employing the power pf prayer in response to even a casual mention of Moshiach is further cemented and strengthened.

Verily this lesson spawns a deeper comprehension and appreciation of our sacred mandate to actively Anticipate Messianic Redemption!

This is the Fortieth segment of our ongoing study series on The Geula, our final Redemption generally referred to as the Coming of Moshiach (The Messiah).

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