Studying Sha’ar HaTekiyot from Siddur im Dach – Ma’amer L’hovin Inyan T’kiyat Shofar.
A discovery of the Foundational Chasidic Teachings on the Shofar, revealing the Secret Shofar Meditations of the Baal Shem Tov.

Episode # 4: “THE MIDDLEMAN” To better understand the deeper meaning of the Sounding the Shofar, we must now focus on the conceptual “Force of Facilitation” that enables the Bringing Good Things to Life!

This episode features a fascinating Discovery of the Missing Link in the Evolutionary Process of all Creative Development. Learn about the nexus-like dynamic that allows for the harnessing and channeling of Spiritual Sources and Forces and the concept of Raw Energy becoming “actuated” to evolve into “Next Level” Realities.

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