Studying Sha’ar HaTekiyot from Siddur im Dach – Ma’amer L’hovin Inyan T’kiyat Shofar.
A discovery of the Foundational Chasidic Teachings on the Shofar, revealing the Secret Shofar Meditations of the Baal Shem Tov.

Episode # 6: “VOICE OF THE HEART” We now complete the development of the nuanced Kabbalistic principal of “Memutza” (a conceptual Middleman or Facilitator) by revealing the true secret of the transformation and transitioning within our own inner psyche. The introductory thesis is brought to a rousing crescendo by annotating the meaning of Human Expression as we illustrate how the simplistic, artless Sound of Human emotion (e.g., Voice of the Heart) becomes sophisticated interpersonally oriented Speech or Communication!

In resolving the inherent Difficulty that accompanies the Diffusion of Simple Sounds into Letters, Language and Lyrics we successfully reveal the inner metaphor illustrated by the fascinating dynamics of Developing Literary Transmission! The paradigms of the spiritual evolution position us to begin to appreciate the Besht’s deep insight into the spiritual Secrets of the Shofar!

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