This in-depth Gemara study is on the fascinating teachings of Perek Chelek, which uniquely focuses on Faith Matters and Torah Theology. From Credo to Conduct, we explore the Soul’s Nature, Eternity, the Afterlife, and the future Messianic Redemption.

To clarify these aspects, archetypal personalities and eras are often analyzed and assessed to shed light on these matters. Occasionally, our Sages will probe beneath the surface to reveal deeper dimensions and enabling us to learn the lessons of history and avoid repeating their mistakes today!
Tractate Sanhedrin, Page 94 b “THE GREATEST GENERATION”

The Burning Power of Synagogue Oil Lamps now sheds light on the Brightest (and soberest) Jewish Citizenry in history. Shockingly — they were motivated to invest in Torah study and get that sharp by Royal Edict, and at Sword Point!

This Episode is features an in-depth exploration of the incredible story of how the Golden-Age of Torah Literacy was created. Illuminating the historic epoch when real-life Monarch inspired his constituents to amass Wisdom rather than Wealth.

Discover a historic anomaly: an unprecedented, and un-replicated legendary story about achieving a pan-national level of Torah erudition for all; Children, Women and Men!

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