COUNTING DAYS is a text based Genara mini-series focused on the Mitzvah of Sefirat Ha”Omer, the annual Post-Passover Counting of Days that leads us up to Shavuot — the holiday commemorating the Giving of the Torah.

This in-depth series began with the Reaping of fresh Barley for the firstling fresh grain offering known as the Omer. This offering is the eponymous source for the name of our national count-up commandment.

Tractate Menachot, Page 65a – DAYS OF GLORY | Torah Triumphs on Antiquity: Conflicts and Victories that shaped Jewish Life, Religious Observance, and the course of History!

In Part Two, we are introduced to Megillat Taanit, a fascinating compendium of special dates once observed by our people – back in the Second Temple (just before the rise of the Common) Era.

Discover forgotten spiritual struggles and successes and learn how the anniversaries of these miraculous victories were once celebrated. And while we no longer observe these eventful dates, they marked major happenings that continue to impact Jewish life and influence our fulfilment of Torah and Mitzvot.

This class analyzes two of many major disputes that once rocked the Jewish world. As history repeats itself; learning its lessons can provide valuable insight about the continued struggle between Torah Judaism and non-Halachic pseudo-religious Jewish movements.

See the inherent and vast distinction between the true light of our sacred Mesorah (authentic, faith-based Torah tradition) and its pale reflection in humanly manufactured theology. Perhaps most instructive of all is how these underlying issues were resolved!

This is the second Episode of the series entitled COUNTING DAYS on Sefirat Ha’Omer.

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