COUNTING DAYS is a text based Gemara mini-series focused on the Biblical Mitzvah of Sefirat Ha”Omer, the annual Post-Passover Counting of Days that lead us up into the holiday of Shavuot — the holiday that commemorates the Giving of the Torah.

The in-depth study of Tractate Menachot starts from the very beginning, the cutting of fresh barely for the firstling fresh grain offering known as the Omer. This harvest serves as the launching pad for our national count-up commandment.

Tractate Menachot, Page 65a THE REAPING | Ceremony & Sickle: Timing is Everything!

Part One, opens as we are introduced to the fascinating field of pomp or circumstance that triggers the annual Post-Pesach Counting. Discover how the timing of biblically ordained nocturnal harvesting was challenged by progressive Jews of antiquity.

Learn why a repetitive tumult became necessary to ensure that accuracy in Torah observance would be maintained for posterity!

This first Episode of the series entitled COUNTING DAYS is generously sponsored by Felix and Rita Zilnik commemorating Rita’s Father’s Yahrzeit, Yona Ben David OBM.

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