COUNTING DAYS is a text-based Genara mini-series focused on the Mitzvah of Sefirat Ha”Omer, the annual Post-Passover Counting of Days that leads us up to Shavuot — the holiday commemorating the Giving of the Torah.

The series began with the Reaping of fresh Barley for the firstling grain offering called The Omer, the eponymous source for our national count-up commandment.

Tractate Menachot, Page 65b – THE HOLIDAY CALENDAR | More about a major Torah Triumphs in Antiquity. Fascinating details on an important theological debate that had an enormous impact of Jewish Life, Religious Observance, and the course of History!

In Part Three we continue to analyze the second of two of many major struggles between Torah Judaism and non-Halachic pseudo-religious Jewish movements.

As our Sages were forced to lock horns with theological detractors of Torah Judaism, they were inspired to mine cryptic biblical verses. In doing so many layers of hidden meaning were revealed.

The careful analysis of the Torah describing the dates and scheduling of the Chagim enabled them to uncover fresh ideas and in the process, profound jurisprudence on the mechanics of our sacred duty to Count Days is also discovered and articulated.

This is the third Episode of the series entitled COUNTING DAYS on Sefirat Ha’Omer.

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