These Gemara teachings focus on the story of Purim. They feature an in-depth study of the Talmudic expositions of our Sages on the verses of the biblical Scroll of Esther.

Tractate Megillah, Page 16a “DESTINED TO RIDE”

Spoiler: In this Episode we will discover the Remarkable Historic details of How a Rebbe was Groomed to Ride a Royal Horse by a Raging anti-Semitic Prime Minister!

First, let’s Fill in the Gaps: burning with anger and bottomless hatred, Persia’s Prime Minister makes the executive decision to fashion giant gallows. On it, tomorrow, he plans to gleefully execute the Jewish’s people’s beloved Torah Leader.

One tiny caveat, as a Parliamentarian, the Rebbe is a public figure in Persian society. Such a publicized targeted killing will require royal approbation. Thinking it a mere formality, he takes the liberty of paying the King an unheard-of nocturnal visit.

The Megillah records Haman’s receiving the surprise of his life. He discovers that tomorrow the Rebbe he hates so deeply, is in fact already destined to Ride a Royal Horse, instead of Swinging from the Gallows.

Some this teaching will focus on the King’s command to the Jew-Hating Prime Minister to repay the Torah Leader for His loyalty to the Monarchy. When he attempts to protest, it swiftly backfires, and he is left with no choice but to obey.

The dough of this narrative quickly expands as he arrives at the Beit Midrash. Then due to surreptitious palace interference, his ego is neatly trimmed down, and his arrogant, self-important veneer easily washed away!

Then, just when Haman thought his degradation couldn’t get worse, it went from awful to absolutely disastrous. In a classic case of mistaken identity, an unexpected shower of sewage is let loose — from an even unlikelier source. It’s an error that’ll soil him to the core, especially when it ends with a fatal consequence.

This fascinating and little-known subtext of the biblical story is shocking, surprising, inspirational, and hilarious — all at once. Best of all, this stunning story of Miraculous Turnabout is literally filled with insightful information and important Lessons for Life!

This Episode is 44th in a continuing study-series of Masechet Megillah, Chapter One.

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