These Gemara teachings focus on the story of Purim. They feature an in-depth study of the Talmudic expositions of our Sages on the verses of the biblical Scroll of Esther.

Tractate Megillah, Page 16a-b “FAMILY HISTORY”

This Episode focuses back on an early period of our unique Jewish Saga when the nascent nation of Israel was comprised of only Jacob’s nuclear family. Our Sages clearly viewed these patriarchal precedents as seeds planted; the results of which produced fruit many centuries later.

Digging beneath the surface we will uncover a surprising perspective on a Historic Wardrobe Malfunction that seems to cause the breakdown of the family, yet ultimately lead to a fascinating Futuristic Fix!

In stitching together seemingly disparate biblical stories, the greater sweep of Jewish history emerges as an epic tapestry from an ancestral Family Feud to a Triumphant Torah Leader.

Here the Talmud will teach us how the Royal Robes of Persia’s Purim-era Jewish Prime Minister were woven out of the very seams of a Prized Suit from Egypt’s only ever Jewish Prime Minister. Ultimately, these ancient events presage the entire Purim story, as Joseph’s sale by his own brothers, as well as his gift to Benjamin empowered Mordechai, his direct descendant, to bring salvation to the nation!

A fascinating Midrashic statement will be introduced to launch a new thesis to clarify the deeper meaning of our Sages exposition of the Megillah’s verses. One, that will enable us to fully appreciate the profundity of their teachings.

This Episode comprises the 48th class in a continuing study-series of Masechet Megillah, Chapter One.

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