These Gemara teachings focus on the story of Purim. They feature an in-depth study of the Talmudic expositions of our Sages on the verses of the biblical Scroll of Esther.

Tractate Megillah, Page 16 b “FAMILY REUNION”

Opening on the hems of a seeming Wardrobe Malfunction, in this episode we continue to focus on an early period of our unique Jewish Saga, when we were comprised of only Jacob’s nuclear family.

Clearly, our Sages saw the details of patriarchal precedents presaging the future. In their illuminated view, these actions taken in antiquity were impelled by prophetic intuitions. A story of larger larger-than-life spiritual titans battling dark forces in distant watershed moments at events occurring many centuries later.

In looking beyond the obvious drama of a predictable emotional outburst, the Sages discerned more than ordinary tears, or weeping symptomatic of a typical Family Reunion that healed historic Sibling Separation!

Mysterious messages to be deciphered include a secret message encoded into the choice of a gift item for an old man. Does every dog really have his day as a clever fox, and can smoke actually extinguish fire?

Most of all, what in Heaven does any of this have to do with the story of Purim!

This Episode has been generously dedicated by Eliezer and Esther Shefer to honour the recent Yahrtzeit of their beloved son, Aryeh (Arik) ben Eliezer. It comprises the 49th class in a continuing study-series of Masechet Megillah, Chapter One.

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