These Gemara teachings focus on the Passover Seder. They feature an in-depth study of the Talmudic analysis of our Sages on key components of the Pesach Night rituals.

Tractate Pesachim, Page 115b – 116a “FAST FOOD NATION”

MATZO TIME: In the Book of Exodus the verse conveying the Torah’s command to eat of Matzo on the night of Passover, the sacred wafers are called… well, Matzo. Yet, in Deuteronomy a very different descriptive term is used.

The premise that there must be a good reason for that is the catalyst for this discussion. Welcome to Matzo by any other Name!

In this Episode, we embark on a literary journey into the backstory of the biblical terminology used for the unleavened bread we’re commanded to consume on Pesach.

Peeling away the layers of meaning, together, we’ll discover the deeper messages and motifs kneaded into hallowed Torah etymology about the hastily baked bread that serves to defines Passover’s narrative!

From edible props, to broken spirits and empty pantries, we’ll cover lots of interesting ground as we learn to appreciate the Seder table settings on another level.

This Episode joins a growing collection of classes on Perek Arvia Pesachim, the 10th chapter of this Holiday Tractate. This chapter’s primary focus is The Passover Seder and its unique ritual observances.

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