WHO WILL NURTURE MY FAITH? is a text-based study series of the Ma’amer V’atah Tetzaveh; the foundational Chassidic Discourse regarded by many as The Rebbe’s Spiritual Last Will and Testament.

This rumination gifts us extraordinary clarity of the mystical meaning of Mitzvot, and the truest essence of Torah Leadership. The Ma’amer also highlights defining dimensions of our Soul and the profoundest expressions of its emergence, uniquely reframing the true tests of faith and the challenges of our modern era, as it poignantly presents us with Marching Orders — boldly outlining the roadmap to Redemption!


Part Fourteen, entitled: LARGER THAN LIFE features the twelfth chapter of, and the crowning conclusion of the entire Ma’amer. Discover the Spiritual Leadership that continues to post-terrestrially inspire. Learn how those choosing to remain tethered to a Tzadik’s Torah teachings and guidance can be enriched and uplifted by his spirit that lives on.

In this new and final Episode, we revisit the literal iteration of the previously focused on biblical verse, infusing it with the elaborate innovative thesis advanced by this groundbreaking Ma’amer.

In this last chapter, we essentially come full circle in enunciating the symbiotic Soul Enhancement of Moshe and Am Yisrael. In the final analysis, the literal meaning and its metaphorical allegory are not disparate, but rather mutually complimentary.

Now we can appreciate the Torah truth on parallel dimensions that mirror and reflect one another. By striving to achieve consistency in deed, and spirit alike with the larger-than-life influence provided by the radiance of a Tzadik’s eternal soul the past actually illuminates the future!

Episode Fourteen of the series “Who Will Nurture My Faith” on the Ma’amer V’Atah Tetzaveh is sponsored by Ian and Sarah Maged in loving memory of Sarah’s Mother – Miriam Lea Bat Pinchas Nassi. May her Neshama have an Aliya, Amen!

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