WHO WILL NURTURE MY FAITH? is a text-based study series of the Ma’amer V’atah Tetzaveh; the foundational Chassidic Discourse regarded by many as The Rebbe’s Spiritual Last Will and Testament.

This rumination gifts us extraordinary clarity of the mystical meaning of Mitzvot, and the truest essence of Torah Leadership. The Ma’amer also highlights defining dimensions of our Soul and the profoundest expressions of its emergence, uniquely reframing the true tests of faith and the challenges of our modern era, as it poignantly presents us with Marching Orders — boldly outlining the roadmap to Redemption!


Part Thirteen, entitled: ONGOING THING concludes the Ma’amer’s Eleventh Chapter, that further demonstrates how this Ma’amer’s greatest innovation serves to fully illuminate the original teaching of the Previous Rebbe — upon which this Ma’amer is founded.

In this new Episode we will learn how stirring, nurturing and revealing the Soul’s innermost core enables us to keep ourselves spiritually glowing in Every Season!

As we have already richly clarified the allegorical meaning of our “bringing Oil to Moses” as enhancing innermost Soul Dimensions we are now ready to return to further elucidate the original rumination.

Here we will highlight the most beautiful expression of the mutual symbiotic Soul Enhancement of Moshe and Am Yisrael possible. Ultimately, it is Am Yisrael’s own stunning effort that can best embody the profoundest of Soul Essence.

And, when we are shaken rather than simply stirred, we self-motivate in a powerful way that radiates inside out to enable unshakable consistency. Accessing our deepest source of soul essence to transcend the normative ebb and flow of time and circumstances. Here, the Soul itself radiates in perfect equanimity!

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